Whiskey Witches Universe


Meet the Whiskeys


Leslie Whiskey

Leslie is the glue that holds this crazy family together. That doesn't mean she always knows what she's doing. Far from it. 

She has three kids now; Mandy, her fire starter, Tyler, her bard, and Kamden, her mind reader. She's adept at putting out fires, gluing glass back together, and sheilding her thoughts. Raising kids with magickal abilities is like conducting a circus sometimes. 

But she has her own dreams! She's opening a soap and wine shop, Whiskey Soaps and Wine. And? There might be a real website with real Whiskey Soaps coming soon. That might be in the works. 


Alma is the Whiskey crone. She calls on earth and water. So, she has a pretty amazing garden. She provides therapy via baking and can assist you with any kind of spell. She'll even give it to you in the form of a cookie. 

She served in World War II, was an outspoken advocate of witches' rights, and helped pave the roads a lot of us women use. She's a formidable foe, our Alma. 

But don't get her pissed. Just don't. 


Nick is Paige and Leslie's litle brother and he's an empath. 

He's also a lawyer. He's moved to Troutdale with his boyfriend and together, they're setting up a law office in Portland. 

Things should be very exciting in his future.