Whiskey Witches Universe


The Paranormal Community of the Shadow Sisterhood

The entire Whiskey Witches Universe opened up when we moved to Portland. We discovered a wealth of paranormal people. 


The Rusalka

In the Whiskey Witches Universe, the rusalka are born water nymphs. They have the ability to provide nourishment to the fields around them as they see fit, but there is a cost. A human life must be given in exchange for their gift. 

They're still people, though. Not all blindly follow the traditions of the rusalka ways. 


General shapeshifters are humans co-habitating with a spirit animal. When bitten or born, the spirit animals choose if the person is worthy and, if so, what their soul is capable of withstanding. There are shapeshifters as magestic animals, bugs, the more domestic animals, trees and plants. You name it. 

Though, for some reason, the bears don't seem to the think there are any dogs. I don't know why. There are house cats. 


Vampires are at the bottom of the society pool. They're decaying flesh, people. There's no way that that or blood is sexy. So, no. We have them. We even know a couple that aren't horrible. 

Repeat after me. Vampires are not sexy. 


These are a kind of creature that come from the Hindu belief. They are masters of knowledge and often appear as forest spirits like nymphs and fairies. They are wise teachers. 

Occassionally, they can become powerful guardians.