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Here's what we discovered with out romance. 

We wrote romance for us, not the romance reader. 

Our romance is almost more of an urban fantasy with more romantic elements than an urban fantasy, but it's not hot like a romance. They don't only think of the other partner in our romances. And our heroines are the heroes in our romances. We don't have the alpha male dominating each scene in our romances. 

But it's not sweet, either. We curse. We have sex. We've got real people living fantastical lives.

So, if you're interested in reading about two people doing amazing things and still finding a way to fall in love, then these romances are perfect! 

1.2018f Bear Moon.jpg

The gift of the padfoot cost Ripley Kent everything.

As a girl, she was chosen by the death dog. In one week, she lost everything. Her parents, her brother. Even her community of shifters shunned the power she sheltered.

She swore she’d never return to their prejudiced hatred, but when her uncle dies, Ripley is called back to Troutdale to settle his affairs. She thinks she can get in and get out unaffected, but Joe Elliott has other ideas.

He needs her, and it’s not in all the old ways her body remembers so well.

His twin brother has been bitten by a rabid wolf, and as the death glow overwelms the town, Ripley’s padfoot gift explodes into the curse she’s always feared.

Ripley owes these people nothing after the way they’ve treated her. But that’s the thing with gifts. Sometimes they cost more to leave behind than to use.

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This is a really impressive book. Set in the works of the Whiskey Witches series and with many overlapping characters. What makes this novel so very good, however, is the author’s view of what a padfoot is and what it’s role is. They’re much closer to the hellhounds of mythology, like Cŵn Annwn, Garmr and Cerberus, than they are to shifters. The implications of this, both how it impacted Ripley before the time of this tale and how it further impacts her in the story, is what drives the storytelling.
— Mysterious Amazon Customer

A divided bear clan is a powerless one.

Emma Elliot has a choice: step up as the alpha her clan needs or claim her own freedom by loving Mason Covey.

The adorable, free-spirited, porcupine shifter charms his way into her heart by being exactly what she needs in her life.

However, with a rival bear clan poised to take control of Elliot Clan’s resources, now is not the time to appear weak. Emma’s mother—the current alpha—wants her to follow tradition and produce bear cubs to “secure her place” as the new alpha. But what about Emma’s wishes?

What Emma wants and what her clan requires of her might be two different things. How much is she willing to sacrifice to become the leader her people need to win the coming war?

The porcupine and the bear! This was such a fun and entertaining read. Shifters falling in love. Rivals on the edge of war. Grizzly Attraction: Volume 2 is set in the whiskey witches world and still holds that humor and atmosphere of the original series.
— Alina Hart
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