Whiskey Witches Universe


Meet the Cast of the Red Star Division




Rainbow Blu has the team a little divided. Frankie/Paige and Shane/Dexx don't agree that she's a great fit for the team. Frankie and Paige love Rainbow. They love her name, her sass, her attitude. For a rusalka, she's all kinds of fun. 

But... Shane and Dexx want someone with a little more experience on their team. 

They may have a point. But we still love our Rainbow Blu


Ethel is 100% human and all sexy, good looking smarts. She doesn't have the perfect figure, doesn't wear the perfect clothes. She brings herself to the table every damned time and is absolutely amazing for it. 

She's the forensic specialist on the team and is working to document the science behind the paranormal. 


Michelle is a real detective. She understands how real police work is supposed to be handled and she doesn't play around. 

She's also an ash dryad. 

Now, if you happen to think that dryads are dainty little things, you'd be wrong. 

Don't mess with the trees. Don't. 

You might not live to regret it.