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When the Whiskeys moved to Oregon, we had no idea how big things would get. 

I fully intended Paige to run Red Star, but she's off doing other...things right now. 

So, Dexx has been left in charge. And things are getting crazy! 

We LOVE it! 


Put a shapeshifting demon hunter in charge of policing paranormals. 

That's a great idea. 

When Dexx Colt followed Paige Whiskey to Oregon and then helped her set up the Red Star Division, he had no idea she'd abandon him--to other responsibilities, mind you--and leave him in charge. He's a demon hunter. He breaks rules. He doesn't enforce them. 

But when bodies start appearing and all the evidence points to his team, he has a decision to make. 

Step up and protect the team he never asked for, or cut and run. 

He's been called many things. A coward was never one of them.  When he discovers that angels and djinn are working together, he gathers the few team members who aren't in jail; his 1970 Dodge Challenger, Jackie, and Hattie, his spirit animal. He's taking the fight to the djinn's front door. One way or another, this killer is going down. After all, hunting demons is what Dexx does best.

Buy Big Bad Djinn today! You won't regret it. 

It is full of the usual humor and page-turning action that characterizes the Whiskey Witches line and has the same intense, family oriented relationships among the characters that make me want more of it and that make me want to be a part of their family. They’ve got a good thing going there and many families could take a page out of their family relationship notebook when it comes to just loving each other for who they are and taking each other as they come.
— Ruth Jackson

2.2018 Lizard Wizard ebook.jpg

What exactly does power mean?

Detective Dexx Colt is finally settling in to the swing of things at the Red Star Division. They’re rebuilding the department after everything blew up. So, he’s excited when they get a bank robbery case. Strange. Right up their alley. No forensics. No break-in. Then, they get a dead body in the same day, and a rash of magickal items wind up missing.

It’s business as usual. And then then local alphas start dropping, falling into coma’s. Is Dexx, the most powerful alpha of the region second only to Chuck, next? When Chuck falls and Jackie, Dexx’s 1970 Dodge Challenger, disappears, all signs point to yes.

How will Dexx catch a killer that steals power and kills shifters with a touch?

Dexx is trying to come to terms with more children on the way and all hell breaks loose in town. Magic, mayhem, shifters, demons, and a whole lot of fun.

Lizard Wizard is a fun reading page turner that is sure to keep you hooked.
— Alina Hart