Whiskey Witches Universe

We’re just going to write something fun
and hope that people like it.
If not...well, then we still had fun.
— Frankie Jo Blooding

How It Started

This series started with heartache. I, Frankie Jo Blooding, lost my kids to my parents. 

It wasn't heroic. I wasn't in the right. I wasn't in the wrong. I didn't deserve to lose them. I didn't fight hard enough to get them back. It was heartbreaking. 

This started out as a book of therapy. I had a lot of anger I couldn't talk about, couldn't express. I continued to lose everything and my overwelming emotions made me incredibly stupid. I had no one to turn to. I continued to make wrong choices, continued to make my life worse. 

Paige and Leslie and Alma saved my life. 

How It Evolved

Luckily, I was able to move on or this story and this series would have seriously sucked. I discovered more young, single parents like myself who had their kids taken away because... well, we weren't quite good enough. Having that helped me get over myself. 

And then, Alma pulled my head out of my butt. 

Leslie gave me the support I needed in the form of invisible hugs. 

And Paige just kept finding interesting kinds of troubles that pulled me away from my continually Hellish reality. 

Where We Are Now

The story was so good, in fact, that it evolved into an entire universe when the Whiskeys moved to Oregon. You could say that the universe kind of exploded. 

There are just so many things going on with this universe and this world, that I couldn't contain it to just one series. Other authors jumped in to help write the other series because they enjoyed the series so much as well. 

All the series are going on at the same time, and, like the CW Arrowverse, there will be some cross-over novels. 

It's very exciting. 

The Rest of the Team


K.S. King

Shane is my husband and an amazing partner. He's not great at paying the bills or helping build websites, but he's fantastic at everything else. 

He also took up Dexx's story!

If you're starting in Demon Whiskey, he's the asshole who a lot of readers aren't going to like. 

If you started in Whiskey Witches, he's the lovable man who grudgingly wormed his way under your skin. 

Under Shane's care, Dexx is evolving into quite a full character in the Red Star Division Novels. 

Alivia Patton

Alivia is the other half of the penname Hattie Hunt. 

She was a treasure-find when my husband and I moved up to Montana. She's bringing the romance to Shifting Hearts, which is great! 

The idea behind Shifting Hearts was that we would get to play more with the other paranormal creatures. There's just so many of them. 

However, I ran into a roadblock. 

I suck at writing real romance. 

Alivia saved the day. She's a joy to work with and you're going to love her work!