Whiskey Witches Universe

Getting SO--Sooooooooo Close!

Frankie Blooding

OMW! I know you guys have been waiting a long time! But we're close! We're really close. 

Double-Double just came back from the editor, so I've got to sit down with it and make it sparkle after Shane goes through and fixes the grammar. 

Alivia is going through Demon Donuts right now to add some more romance into our plot. Tehe. That's what happens when I take lead. 

And I'm writing Dead Demon...Die right now! So! We're close! 

We have covers that I can't WAIT to show you! I'm getting really excited to get the pre-orders prepped for launch and to buy ads *cringe*. We're going! Things are moving. 

And! We're still selling books! Huzzah!!! 

Okay! I've got to get back to work! Talk at ya later! 

Still Struggling

Frankie Blooding

We're still struggling with out deadlines a bit. We've got two covers and two manuscripts in edit. I've got to start and finish the third one and then we're going to tell you all about it. I'm excited!!!

The New Schedule

Frankie Blooding

We had such big plans and then life stepped in and slapped us all in the face. We didn't have any huge life-changes or anything. We just...well, forgot about the Real World and how simple things like earning a paycheck can adversely affect big things like getting books out. 

We have a new plan and we hope to all the gods we can make it.