Whiskey Witches Universe

Three authors. One universe. Three fantastic series!  There's going to be something in here for you to enjoy! 

But don't be overwhelmed! Yes. There's a lot to offer, but it's a lot of great fun! 


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Whiskey Witches

It started in the Whiskey Witches Origins series. Originally, this was going to be the only series in this universe. But as Paige met new people and discovered more things about her world, I decided we needed to see more of the world than the reader can see through Paige's eyes. I love Paige. I do. She's just not involved in the day-to-day stuff anymore and that was limiting. The world is amazing! I love it and that's what keeps me writing this universe. Well, the people, too. I love them as well. 

Whiskey Witches is a family drama supernatural thriller.  We have the entire Whiskey family, including siblings, a crabby grandmother, and all the kids. And we deal with all of that. There's some romance between Dexx and Paige, but otherwise, this isn't a romantic series. 

Red Star Division

This was easy to roll out. Dexx is one of our favorite characters--after you get past Demon Whiskey. He learned a lot in the five years between Demon Whiskey and Whiskey Witches

Dexx is also a fourth wall character, which makes him kind of hard to rein in. He's always wanting to stop a scene and talk to the reader. He's pig-headed as it is and has a "come get me" attitude, which makes him fun to read. 

You never know what he's going to do next, but you do know that it will probably be wild, crazy, and a little extreme. But he does end up saving a lot of butts while he's out breaking the rules to enforce the law. 

His series is a supernatural thriller. 

Shifting Hearts

This is our paranormal romance line. I started this line because I wanted to get a closer view of some of our different creatures and mythos. They're just so neat and telling their story through Paige's eyes only skims the top of what they have to offer. 

Shifting Hearts wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Alivia. She brings the heart. I bring the shifting. LOL! Oh, man. That was super corny. 

You won't find "alpha butthead" men. Sorry, folks. Those piss us both off. No dominance play by abuse. No. Alivia and I both have some very unkind words for that character type. We've both dated that character and loathe them.

You will find strong women with men who are strong enough in their own ego to accept them. That's the kind of story we need more of. 

Whiskey Witches Shiftings

One thing I'm doing with Whiskey Witches is breaking up the series. There's a lot of story to tell and I don't want to force readers to read all the way from the beginning to get to the end.

Shiftings takes us through a transition period for the Whiskeys where they're discovering some new talents and skills and becoming a greater force. This is the point where Red Star and Shifting Hearts entered into the Whiskey-verse anyway.

We're gearing up to finally close the loop on Sven. So, for those of you wondering when Sven was ever going to show up and be dealt with, your answer is, "Now." It's explosive. 

The Whiskeys will have 3-4 books in each series. Look for the next one hitting stores toward the end of the year. Things are about to get crazy! 

Alivia Patton

Alivia helps me write the Shifting Hearts Series because I can sometimes struggle with romance a little. Romance is as natural for her as breathing is, but plot can trip her up like nobody's business.

K.S. King

Shane is my husband and best friend. He's a great partner and has taken over the Red Star Division. He is Dexx. I kid you not. He's got a great sense of action and plot, but romance? Oh, boy. 

S.M. Blooding

I'm Frankie and I created this universe. Whiskey Witches is my wheel-house, though I usually write about half of every Shifting Hearts novel and "polish the turds" (his words) Shane writes in Red Star.