Whiskey Witches Universe

Three authors. One universe. Three fantastic series!  There's going to be something in here for you to enjoy! 

But don't be overwhelmed! Yes. There's a lot to offer, but it's a lot of great fun! 

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Demon Whiskey (Only in the Origins boxset)

Whiskey Witches

Blood Moon Magick

Barrel of Whiskey

Witches of the West

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Big Bad Djinn

Bear Moon

Desert Shaman

Lizard Wizard

Grizzly Attraction

Whiskey on the Rocks

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Sven Seven-Tails Crossover Event

Double-Double Demon Trouble

Mirror, Mirror Demon Rubble

Dead Demon Die

Alivia Patton

Alivia helps me write the Shifting Hearts Series because I can sometimes struggle with romance a little. Romance is as natural for her as breathing is, but plot can trip her up like nobody's business.

K.S. King

Shane is my husband and best friend. He's a great partner and has taken over the Red Star Division. He is Dexx. I kid you not. He's got a great sense of action and plot, but romance? Oh, boy. 

S.M. Blooding

I'm Frankie and I created this universe. Whiskey Witches is my wheel-house, though I usually write about half of every Shifting Hearts novel and "polish the turds" (his words) Shane writes in Red Star.